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About Me

I am Agnieszka.

I believe in the healing power of touch. I am passionate about deepening my practice and knowledge of Lomilomi, Huna principles and Hula dance. I love to express myself through my work, conscious dance, arts and crafts. 

I have been practicing since 2015, extending my knowledge and experience over the years during trainings and workshops with teachers in Ireland, Europe and Hawaii - Susan Pa'iniu Floyd (Hawaii - Lomi Lomi Nui), Louise Kleu McEvoy (Lomi Lomi Ireland), Harry Uhane Jim (Hawaii - Bone Washing), Serge Kahili King (Hawaii - Huna), initially graduating from Holistic Therapies training in Blackrock College (Ireland), that covered therapies like Reflexology, Indian head massage, Thai and Holistic massage.

I am also certified Peter Hess sound massage therapist and use certified Peter Hess singing bowls and other instruments for my treatments.

Over the years I've either touched or explored medicinal plants, breathwork, somatic movement, Ho'oponopono, Huna, shamanic workshops, intuitive dance, voice releasing and many more.
I am very curious of the healing powers of our own bodies and recognising tools that support this. I strongly believe that we have natural abilities to heal ourselves when improving the natural life energy flow through our body.

I offer holistic, intuitive treatments, integrating all my knowledge, different modalities and my experience, adapting it to your needs.

My treatments are a way of supporting you in your healing journey, on the mental, physical and spiritual level, improving flow of energy in your body, bringing peace, relaxation and balance. 

I am certified practitioner and teacher of Hawaiian Healing bodywork - Lomi Lomi Nui massage (full body oil massage), Kahi Loa (clothed elemental massage), Bone washing (clothed skeletal massage). Hawaiian Bodywork is the therapy I would recommend to anyone suffering with trauma, stress, anxiety, lack of balance in their life, pain and tension in the body.

I am also certified Reflexologist and offer Foot Reflexology treatments.

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