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About Me

I am a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage practitioner and Holistic massage therapist.

I offer holistic, intuitive treatments, improving flow of energy in the body, bringing peace, relaxation and balance back into the body and mind. I believe that it is vital to treat the body as a whole to help with specific issues, through massage but also including diet, lifstyle, physical and mental health.
I strongly believe that we have natural abilities to heal ourselves when improving the natural life energy flow through our body.

I am certified practitioner of several types of massage which I combine into my treatments, I’m certified in Indian Head Massage, Holistic and Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology and few more.
However the one that my heart goes into is an ancient Hawaiian healing art – Lomi Lomi Nui massage. This is very intuitive treatment that can bring a deep state of relaxation but also release emotions and blockages. I would recommend this treatment to anybody that deals with trauma, stress, tension, negative feelings and looking for peace and balance in their life.

I always tune into the client, therefore each session is unique. Please contact me if you have questions regarding massage treatments.


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